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The main purpose of this research group is to provide network infrastructure and application exchange between Gifu laboratory, Tokyo laboratory and WABOT-HOUSE. This will make it possible to realize communication between the two laboratories and support research activities as well as educational activities. It will also provide a communication link between the WABOT-HOUSE project and research activities in other areas.

The WABOT-HOUSE will conduct research on establishing air-interface facilities in Gifu laboratory to facilitate communication between robots, and to achieve Wabot authentication.
@@Particularly, the research on the Wabot authentication method is based on the anticipation that Wabots will eventually be able to hold citizenship in Gifu Prefecture.

The Gifu Information Super Highway is utilized to connect Gifu laboratory and Tokyo laboratory, in order to build a long distance network that supports research and educational activities. Furthermore, TV conference systems between these two laboratories using the high quality IT environment has been supported by research activities.