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Many robot research projects tend to concentrate on seed research; however, how to link these seed robot technologies to the needs of manufacturing sites remains an issue in corporate Japan.@To this end, this group is conducting practical research on software and hardware technologies required for creating a stage (gbah) for manufacturing activities using robot technology in collaboration with the residents and corporations within the prefecture.

Through field survey activities, a certain degree of success has already begun to manifest itself.@For instance, a new plan to develop operation support robots for the forestry industry has been started with small- and medium-sized businesses, with our laboratory playing a central role.@Based on practical activities such as the one mentioned above and through face-to-face communication with an atmosphere of co-creative collaboration, we are planning on establishing methods and principles for coordinating technology required to create a product out of seed technology provided by the laboratory.

This group is currently focusing research on the following areas:
1. Building a collaborative, co-creative community to create a new robot industry.
2. Co-existing communication technology to support co-creative collaboration.

One objective of Focus 1 is to disseminate robot technology within the prefecture to establish a collaborative and co-creative network with companies in the prefecture.@By creating such a network, we will be able to investigate and advance methodologies for the effective use of seed technology.@The second objective of this focus is to promote the ongoing creation of industries in which robot technology plays a key role.@Through opening the network, methodologies for the effective availment and coordination of seed technologies are practically investigated.

Comprised mainly of research activities centering around software, and involves exhibitions, demonstrations, and lectures on robot technology, fostering robot engineers, and designing a WABOT Museum.

Focus 2 aspires to develop a communication system that provides a stage on which people from varying locations, backgrounds, and experiences can share their presence in a mutually meaningful manner at a great distance.@This will be an indispensable piece of technology for the configuration of regional communities and for the creation of new industries through collaborative and co-creative activities.@Furthermore, it is also hoped that this technology can serve as network technology that provides a new gbah network to control communication chaos (risks) in IT networks.